About Us

BR & SL Porter Limited is a registered Company specialising in Bulk Transport, Container movements, Warehousing and Storage.
Bruce and Sandra Porter have been involved in the Transport business for over twenty five years. They operate in a hands on environment with Bruce overseeing the operational and dispatch side of the operation and Sandra controlling the administration functions. BR & SL Porter Limited have a proven history of providing customers with unbelievable service and innovative solutions to ensure an even faster, reliable and efficient service.
The prime focus of our business is;
• Bulk cartage of liquid food grade products
• Storage of bulk liquids, oils & food grade products
• Transportation, and storage of containers
• Container refurbishment, repair, & cleaning
• Bulk dry storage & Warehousing services
We have contracts to transport and deliver various other bulk liquid products, including various stock feeds to on farm facilities, and have the ability to provide tinkering solutions for most enquiries. Examples of the variety of products that we transport for our customers include;
• Milk
• Cream
• Buttermilk
• Anhydrous Milk Fat [AMF]
• Whey
• Lactose
• Milk Permeates
• Tallow [edible & inedible]
• Molasses for on farm delivery or commercial use
• Edible Oils [Soya Bean, Sunflower, Canola etc.]
• Grape Juice
• Wine
• Brine for the fishing industry
• Sugar Water

Plant and Equipment

BR & SL Porter Limited currently employ over 120 permanent and fixed term drivers and support staff who are an integral part of the Company’s business. Our modern fleet operates on a 24 hour / 7 day rostered system basis, controlled from our Head Office facilities located in Mount Maunganui. A smaller fleet is controlled on the same basis from our Timrau facilities.
Currently we operate a wide and complex fleet of vehicles, numbering over 120. These include insulated and uninsulated tanker units, specifically designed dangerous goods tanker units, container swing lift units, empty container (skelator units), curtain sider truck and trailer units when required, and specially designed container tipping units for bulk animal feeds. Our fleet is monitored, measured and maintained on a daily basis, with all vehicles undergoing regular, pre-planned preventative maintenance programmes carried out within our modern workshop facilities located in Mount Maunganui by professionally trained and qualified mechanical servicemen. This busy operation is overseen by our Workshop Manager who communicates daily with both the Operations Manager, South Island Manager and General Manager. Call outs for mechanical breakdowns are also overseen and managed by the Workshop Manager, on a rostered 24hour/7day basis.
BR & SL Porter Limited are strong advocates in staying abreast of all technological changes, industry trends, and developments improvements that enhance and improve cost effectiveness, performance and profitability. Our Vehicle Replacement Programme [VRP], underpins this commitment, and is evidenced in the presentation and operational performance of our current modern fleet.